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I.F.M.S.A offer individuals a comprehensive Private service of Self Protection Management and Application.

The services provided by I.F.M.S.A will equip you with the essential skills for preventing/reducing conflict and increasing personal


We know only too well that competently trained individuals are more confident at work/home and suffer less from the effects of


I.F.M.S.A is aware that conflict and confrontation are now common in many people's daily lives.

Having access to regular Private Self Protection Management training can help to counter the increasing threat from verbal abuse, aggression and violence. This will subsequently raise self esteem and keep you safer.

We recognise that you are unique and that you value results, so whether you want training on a specific issue, or just have a feeling

that your Self Protection Management, systems or procedures are not performing to their full potential, please take this opportunity to

Contact Us and discuss your Self Protection Management needs with the I.F.M.S.A Consultancy Team.

The Key areas that are covered within I.F.M.S.A's training package are as follows;

  • Dealing with challenging behaviour

  • Personal Safety and the Law

  • Self Management in a crisis

  • Positive communication skills

  • Defusing angry behaviour

  • Assessing risk, anticipating threatening situations

  • Personal safety skills

  • Psychological Disengagement techniques

  • Physical Interventions concepts

Why choose I.F.M.S.A for Private Self Protection Management courses?

· We believe we can make a positive contribution to your daily living.

· We will share ideas, tools, frameworks and approaches with you.

· We want you to develop with us, not depend on us.

· I.F.M.S.A offer tailor made comprehensive Self Protection Management courses, covering a wide range of contemporary streetwise concepts and strategies.

The services we offer can be blended for any individual who:

· Regularly has to deal with angry or over demanding behaviour

· Encounters threats or violence in their daily living

· Come into contact with hostility or verbal abuse

· Have been attacked in the past

· Want to refresh Self Protection Management Skills

The services provided by I.F.M.S.A can help you to;

· Identify key factors in Conflict and Aggression, provide brief strategies for assessing risk.

· Explain how to plan for threatening situations.

· Spot the 'early warning signs' of a threatening situation.

· Avoid making the situation worse by using de-escalation and defusing concepts.

We are pleased to offer Private Self Protection Management training for those who cannot or do not want to train in a large class environment. We will gladly sit down with individuals for a confidential initial assessment to discuss your requirements and design your individual training programme.

Why not treat your partner or loved one to a unique gift, top quality personalised Self Protection Management training, something special for that special person.

Alternatively why not treat yourself right now, if you feel you deserve a treat and want to benefit from some of the best Self Protection Management training around then indulge yourself, this could be a lifestyle changing experience.

These bespoke courses will offer exclusive access to our highly trained Chief Defensive Tactics Trainer who will teach you Self Protection Management concepts that are specifically adapted to your personal needs and requirements.

Please contact us on the link below if you are interested in this exclusive service.

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