Conflict Management

There is definitely no one answer to dealing with conflict. Within civil society you would expect there to be no need for such practises, but here i am explaining a service that some would label as scaremongering and would not give it the time of day. Those of this opinion are entitled to that opinion as I am with mine.

The care service not so long ago got a right stripping for misconduct, does this stop us from using their services, no not really because we know we need a care service and understand that when we need to use it, we will access and use it to fulfill our needs (but I stress only when needed).

So it is nice to have a system to fall back on when things start to go wrong a bit like the police service in a way, we hear so many horror stories of corrupt practises, but this does not stop us from calling the police when we’ve been burgaled or are victims of nuisance neighbours, no on the contrary we understand that when we need to use this service we will access it to the fullest of our requirements and we are glad that they are there.

So conflict management to me is knowing that you have available to hand, a concept of enhanced self preservation that you can access freely in your time of need. Societies services can only help you so far, some times you have to look inside you and Self Help.

Introduction to Conflict Management

Conflict Management spans a vast array of behavioural concepts, some of which are;

  • Assertiveness training
  • Management training
  • Psychology
  • Coaching
  • Leadership
  • Confidence building
  • Mediating

These type of behavioural training concepts have been developed to ensure individuals can cope in adverse conditions whether at work, home or on the street. 

Often there are attempts to separate conflict management techniques from self defence management, but isn't the act of learning conflict management concepts the art of self defence?

Often I find there are attempts to rename conflict management with such names as conflict resolution, conflict leadership, conflict mediation etc, this again is an attempt to seperate the full spectrum of what is simply 'Conflict Management concepts' which are designed to improve your confidence and boost your self defence skills.

If you pre-empt a conlict situation through pre-training whether at work, home or on the street, you have controlled your conflict management concept.

If you are in the midst of a conflict situation whether at work, home or on the street, and are using your pre- trained skills you are using conflict management concepts.

If you are are pre -trained and dealing with the aftermath of a conflict situation whether at work, home or on the street, you are using conflict management concepts. 

So whether at work, home or on the street, it is my ultimate wish that you feel some warmth and safety in the words of my free training pack which is designed to ‘Protect You’.

Content of Free Conflict Management Training Pack:

  • Dealing with challenging behaviour
  • Assessing risk, anticipating threatening circumstances
  • Personal Safety and the Law
  • Self Management in a crisis
  • Defusing angry behaviour
  • Psychological disengagement techniques
  • Positive communication skills
  • Personal safety skills

Effective Communications

Talking is the most attractive and efficient method for resolving a wide range of violent critical situations but is not the answer for all high-risk confrontations. Your skill in communicating successfully is a prerequisite act to aid the transition of your desires onto your congregation, work colleagues, protaganist, attacker etc.

The important points to remember about conversing with your congregation, work colleagues, protaganist, attacker etc are:

1) It buys time so you can work out your defence strategy

2) It has a high record of success in resolving high confrontational situations.

Talking is one small component of your entire critical self-defence programme. To enhance your communications skills, learning how to read body language will help you to gauge their realistic reactions to your strategies and highlight their real intentions towards you.*

Reference to PY Positive Body Language   and   PY – Negative Body Language.

Dealing with challenging behaviour 

An Insight into the Criminal Mind

It is important not to create a feeling of hopelessness or despair for the criminal, they can be like a cornered animal. The criminal should feel that there is a way out.

The criminal’s ability to make sound judgements and to respond rationally is impaired due to a heightened emotional state, their heartbeat and respiration are heightened for immediate action. Given time this automatic function will disappear and the body reactions will return to normal.

You can help the calming process by utilising the following:

 1) Common sense

 2) Good judgement

 3) Your ability to speak to people in an unpatronising manner

 4) Effective listening and talking

 5) Avoiding argumentative unproductive conversation

 6) Present a good self-image and healthy ego.


Throughout my experiences I have found that if you as an individual are using conflict management techniques to resolve a situation, your margin for success is severely impaired if the ones you are helping or defending don't have knowledge of conflict management techniques or don't fully understand what you are trying to do to maintain yours and their integrity, reputation or safety. Your good work can be undone in 5 seconds flat from one wrong word or action against the buyer, seller, congregation, management or protaganist, bringing you into a state of heightened conflict.

Don't despair though, conflict management does work and works well, just be mindful of others intentions and you should ride the wave to a safe conclusion.

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