Martial Arts

The Beautiful Martial Arts

As one, I am in search of a knowledge of how to deeply master my culture and the culture and philosophy of the martial arts.

There are a few base concepts I live by, which also pertain to some traditional hard and soft systems of martial arts;

  • To strive for positive development of character
  • To increase my knowledge in order to know the right truth
  • To work arduously and honestly towards a positive goal
  • To honor the code of etiquette
  • To understand I am but a human and not immortal. Making sure I understand the difference between bravery and stupidity

This on its own would not make me a complete person and I have found there are many other ways of truly understanding myself and the environment I live in. The martial arts simply provides an idepth look at who I am through a coordinated process of physical and psychological development.

The base concept of my learning within the martial arts is ‘I must be of sound mind’ before I take part in any physical practise.

The learning of ‘manners’ or ‘etiquette’ is a prerequisite act before learning any pugilistic system and if not learned by individuals then they should remain at this stage until they understand the deep meanings to ‘morality’, ‘respect’, ‘ethics’, ‘courtesy’, ‘kindness’ and ‘humility’.

It sounds such a simple concept, ‘Be of sound mind’. What this means to me is that I am willing to learn and re-learn the concept of non-violence and respect for myself and others, I am nurturing loyalty to my family and friends, as such I get to practise the true essence of what martial arts has to offer.

The physical martial arts keep my skeletal frame in shape, but this becomes meaningless without ‘Being of sound mind’. When I have balance of mind and body, I find peace, wisdom and love. The physical skills help keep me disciplined and focussed, developing within me, a deep seated philosophy for the preservation of human life and positive social values.

This is why, I love the ‘Beautiful Martial Arts’.

The Doubting Journey

Looking at options is one of the best attributes we have. Whether we like something or not, we pick up on how we feel about things from our surroundings/experiences/peers etc.

However there are moments when our natural state works against us, especially when we are on a journey of gathering knowledge.  This accumulation of knowledge can impair our responses and make us doubt the path we are currently taking, narrowing our vision of ‘what is’ rather than looking at the whole picture to the ‘what you wish’ to become. It is this stage that sees so many take the easy road rather than the continued development of their art. This stage also breeds doubters of the arts as they struggle to identify with their training and so have  half heartedly been through a miriade of arts not fully understanding the essence of what their art has to offer.  All too quickly these very same once promising participants become armchair arts supremos, preaching their knowledge to would be listeners but falling foul when faced with a seasoned artist.

On this day, today, I look at several concepts and appreciate their individuality. I am more than aware that the artists in demonstration videos are doing simply that, demonstrating a different way of moving, they most definitely are not in a real life situation so I don’t look at their videos and say ‘could it work if the bloke attacked with a tommy gun?’, no on the contrary, I am still to this day amazed at how many different ways we as humans can actually move in an artistic manner to counter many attack formations.

Just so I’m clear, ’Don’t let your learning become your obstacle, make the obstacle your learning’.

I have selected a few videos and links to websites that I have found interesting, I neither endorse or negate any of their content, but merely enjoy their differences.

(Apologises if the youtube videos disappear,  I do not own or have any control of these products)

Blauer Spear concept

Krav Maga

Martial Arts Concepts