Self Defence

Many are tired of hearing about people being bullied and so bury their heads in the sand at the mere mention of the word ‘Bullying’, going so far as to scorn at people attempting to defend themselves against such ‘Bullies’ and even despise the thought of victims learning a system to defend against ‘Bullies’, surely this kind of thinking cannot be just, surely a person has a right to learn to preserve the well being of their own or their loved ones existence? or am i missing something?

I found the international debate on this subject very interesting,  I for one vote for the right to self defence especially when after all the talking is done and you are sadly faced with an abuser/bully/harasser hell bent on physically harming you or your loved ones, self preservation becomes a key factor. Knowledge and practise of a self protection framework would be ideal as a learned ongoing life experience rather than an after effect of being physically harmed.

Know that each one of us is no less important than another, so as we breath and live life to the full, maybe just maybe we could treat ourselves like we treat our cars i.e. put ourselves in for a life MOT/service of self protection and awareness etc and reach a balance within reality knowing that society does have bullies/harassers/abusers, but also knowing that you have the strength to live a great balanced life for yourself and those close to you.

Secrets of Self Defence